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weasel of the week
The People Who Make The World a Crappier Place to Live
by The Cranky Media Guy
Television Newspeople
TV News   

The anti-IMF/World Bank protests which took place recently here in Washington, DC were driven by a few young people with too much time on their hands. They were joined by anti-capitalists, who simply oppose anything related to America; plus a few anarchists, anti-social losers dedicated to senseless violence. 

Fortunately, the police acted with incredible restraint. Despite those foaming-at-the-mouth mobs, DC area police forces (and there are many) managed to keep the peace and save the town from being torn apart.

At least, that's what you learned about the protests in DC if you got all of your coverage from TV news, and statistics indicate you probably did. It  makes one wonder where this "liberal controlled media" is hiding.  I mean, aren't liberals supposed to be for protest and change? Aren't liberals supposed to be on the side of radicals who promote agendas  like equal opportunities for all, healthcare for the poor, human rights, and other anti-American ideas?  Where, oh where are these insidious liberals hiding?  What bed are you under, you Commie bastards?

Apparently, the liberals who control the media aren't watching their own footage. When a local NBC news camera caught a motorcycle police officer appear to deliberately accelerate and run over some protestors, the liberal media said nothing. The fact that the cop could have actually killed someone wasn't even mentioned. Instead the footage was simply shown as part of a montage as the voice-over news actor told us how the protestors acted up, but the police were restrained in their response.

There are other items that affect the general public which the alleged LIBERAL TV news media won't talk about, although they are too numerous to mention in detail. Basically, if a story has the potential to hurt their business interests (and those business interests are many, thanks to mega-mergers in recent years), you won't hear about it.  Furthermore, they will not act in a way that hurts their "insider" privileges, so stories about the police and others who are considered to be important "connections" will be treated with the utmost care.  (Of course, if it's just a story about some poor slob outside of the power structure, he will be immediately declared guilty by the press and held up for public ridicule. Remember a guy named Richard Jewell? Remember how, because he was supposedly a "cop wannabe", he was just about declared guilty of the Atlanta Olympic bombings?)

Gee, I guess the liberal news media aren't sounding so liberal after all, are they? In fact, they sound more like the lapdogs of power and money than anything else. Liberals are sneaky like that. They will trick you by uniformly, unfailingly taking the side of big business and other powerful interests.  We know they are this sneaky, because we see them protecting big business and politically powerful people. Yet Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and a whole herd of their friends keep telling us over and over that everyone in the media (but them of course) is a bunch of liberals.  And Rush and Sean would never lie to us just to set up a straw enemy, would they?  Nah.

Those liberals who control the TV news are indeed clever little bastards.




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