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weasel of the week
It Would Be Nice if ONE of These Guys Represented US...don't hold your breath for this guy
by The Cranky Media Guy
Sen. Orrin Hatch
Sen. Orrin Hatch   

So, the Feds went into that little house in Miami and took the kid out.  As one would expect, the Republicans on the Hill and their blow-boys, the "conservative" talk show hosts of America, went into Red Alert over this.  Oh, the outrage!  Why, they've never seen anything like this before! Rep. Tom DeLay actually said this was "the first time" in America federal agents had entered a person's home without a warrant. 

As many minority families, especially those suspected of harboring illegal immigrants can attest, that's a load of crap.  If we include non-Federal agents of the government, many a door has been kicked in in this country sans benefit of warrant.  Gee, don't those guys on the Hill get Cops on their cable systems?  I guess they're all attending fund-raising dinners at 8 PM on Saturday.  Ah, but I digress.

The drum major of the Indignation Parade was Senator Orrin Hatch.  He was shocked beyond belief that the Justice Department had snatched Little Elian from that nest of career criminals and Prozac poster children that constitutes his extended family.  Orrin stuck that semi-immobile face of his in front of every camera he could find, letting the world know that something had to be done about this outrage.  If it took hearings in the Senate, by God, Orrin would see to it that there were hearings!  He was on a Holy Crusade.

That was early in the week, when the poop first hit the fan.  By week's end, the Hatchman was singing a different tune.  Suddenly, there might not be hearings, after all.  Perhaps this could be handled another way.  In other words, Orrin had gotten a look at the poll numbers; the majority wasn't on his side on this one.  So much for his righteous indignation.  Don't hold your breath waiting for those hearings to commence.

See, here's the thing, Orrin.  If you were really as shocked and outraged as you made out early in the week, public opinion wouldn't sway your zeal.  You'd have the damn hearings, come Hell or high water.  True moral principles don't change with the latest Harris poll.  Take a look at right-to-life people.  No matter what we might think of their opinion, you have to agree that they stick to their guns, without regard to what the majority of America might think at any given moment.  That's because they honestly believe what they say.

You, on the other hand, Orrin, are just another phony politician.  When you think "moral indignation" will sell with the masses, you put on your indignant face.  When the polls show that it isn't playing, you change your tune.  Like the creeps you hang out with at the Capitol, you have all the backbone of a handful of Jell-O.  Screw you for using a six-year-old kid for political purposes and screw you twice for changing your story when you found out the wind wasn't blowing your way. 

In a more perfect world, weasels like Hatch would be selling used cars, so that the most damage they could do would be overcharging some yokel for a Chevy with a rolled-back odometer.  In the future, Orrin, if you insist on being a spineless hypocrite, please wait until after the polls come out so you know what "your" position is, okay?




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