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weasel of the week
"Finally, proof that you can be boring and a friggin' Nazi all at the same time."
by The Cranky Media Guy
Weasel of the Week:  Jim 'Softball' Lehrer
Jim Lehrer      

We're all kind of conditioned to think that newspeople, especially newspeople from oh-so-serious PBS, are automatically going to be supportive of democracy. Yeah, well, we were all conditioned to beliee that a fat guy in a red suit brought us our Barbie dolls and G.I. Joe's, too. It always hurts a little to grow up.

Lehrer is the softball pitcher handpicked to moderate the slap and tickle sessions disguised as "debates" this year.

It's bad enough that this guy is treating the candidates like they were made of Dresden china, but now we find out that the guy has taken on the job of "Minister of Information," too.

This "town hall meeting" Tuesday night is a sham. Did you know that the quesions asked by Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen at the session have to be approved by Herr Lehrer? If a questioner dares to deviate from the question previously approved by him, he has the authority to cut them off and ask the originally-submitted question himself? Uh, pardon me, but what kind of shit is that? These two clowns want to be president? Let them REALLY deal with the public. Why is a "newsman" acting as the official censor for them?

Man, wouldn't i t be nice if the press REALLY acted like the "loyal opposition" to those in power that they're supposed to be? Yeah, and it would be nice if that fat guy would show up and bring me that G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu Grip he owes me.


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